FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2018

ECDC reports 12,096 measles cases in EU last year

Between November 2012 and October, there were 12,096 cases of measles reported by the 30 European Union/European Economic Area countries, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control said on Tuesday.

The ECDC released a surveillance report on Tuesday covering the 12-month period up to the end of October. The report found that despite measles and rubella being targeted for elimination in Europe by 2015, a number of countries in Europe continue to experience large measles and rubella outbreaks.

The countries reporting the most measles cases were Italy, which experienced 28 percent of Europe's reported cases, the United Kingdom, with 19 percent of the cases, and the Netherlands, with 18 percent of Europe's measles cases. Germany and Romania each experienced 14 percent of Europe's reported measles cases. Those five countries alone accounted for 93 percent of all cases in Europe.

The Netherlands experienced the highest notification rate for measles with 130 cases for each one million people. Eleven countries surveyed reported a measles notification rate of less than one case per million individuals, which is the target rate for measles elimination.

The measles vaccination status was known for 9,882 cases out of the 12,096 reported cases. Of these cases, 87 percent were unvaccinated, nine percent received one dose of measles vaccine, 0.5 percent received two or more doses and four percent received an unknown number of disease.

There were three measles-related deaths reported during the period and eight cases were complicated by acute measles encephalitis.

During the 12-month-period, 39,122 rubella cases were reported, with Poland accounting for 99 percent of the cases. The report found that 88 percent of the rubella patients were either unvaccinated or had an unknown status of vaccination.