MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2018

Washington State Board of Health to update immunization rule

The Washington State Board of Health said on Monday that it would hold a public hearing during its regular meeting on Wednesday to hear comments about the immunizations rule.

The board said changes to the rule are "largely technical," and the adjustment would bring the rule in line with changes to the exception provisions as well as update the recommended immunization schedule.

The board has the authority to adopt rules that require a proof of immunization for children who will attend school and day care facilities, require written records to be kept and establish requirements for "full immunization," according to a memo written by Board Member Diana Yu to the board.

Yu said that the board accepted changes in 2011 that allowed exemptions. She said the current rules need to be updated to reflect the appropriate exemptions.

While the board is discussing the rule change, it would also the rule's language to bring it into compliance with the immunization schedule.

The Department of Health was scheduled to brief the board on the rule change, and then summarize the comments.

Other items on the agenda included a briefing on elevated blood lead level and "notifiable conditions," as well as a discussion about standardizing the language used in the rules for sanitary control of shellfish.