Hong Kong notified of influenza A H9N2 case in China

Hong Kong's Centre for Health Protection learned on Thursday about a human case of avian influenza A H9N2 that affected a boy in China's Hunan province.

China's National Health and Family Planning Commission notified the CHP about the case in a seven-year-old boy in Yongzhou. The patient had a history of contact with poultry. He first presented with fever and runny nose on November 19. After seeking medical consultation from a Yongzhou hospital the following day, the patient recovered following treatment.

On Wednesday, tests confirmed the case as an infection involving avian influenza A H9N2. The CHP plans to connect with Chinese health authorities for additional case details.

"We will remain vigilant and maintain liaison with the World Health Organization, the mainland and overseas health authorities," a CHP spokesperson said. "Local surveillance activities will be modified according to the WHO's recommendations. Travelers with fever or respiratory symptoms should immediately wear masks, seek medical attention and reveal their travel history to doctors."

The CHP recommended members of the public take preventative measures against avian influenza by avoiding live poultry markets, thoroughly cooking poultry and eggs before eating, washing hands frequently with soap, especially before handling food or eating and after going to the restroom or public facilities, avoiding crowded places and contact with fever patients and wearing masks when respiratory symptoms begin to develop.