New HCV drug could cost $1,000 per pill

A new drug developed by Gilead Sciences against hepatitis C is extremely effective, but the drug may be too costly for patients, according to biotechnology company polyDNA.

PolyDNA, the developer of Gene-Eden-VIR, a purported immune system booster against hepatitis C, said on Friday that the new drug Sovaldi is so effective it could potentially be applied to the eradication of the liver-damaging virus. PolyDNA said a recent report by Forbes pegged Sovaldi's cost at as high as $1,000 per pill and $84,000 for 12 weeks of therapy.

According to recent Phase III clinical trials, a combination of Sovaldi and ledipasvir was able to cure 95.9 percent of patients with HCV genotype-1. The combination would enable patients to forego interferon, an infused treatment that can result in severe flu-like symptoms.

PolyDNA said the high cost of the effective drug, however, may make Sovaldi too expensive for most patients to afford. The company recommends that doctors prescribe a natural, affordable HCV remedy like Gene-Eden-VIR to their patients.

According to a study published in August in Pharmacology & Pharmacy, Gene-Eden-VIR effectively decreased symptoms in individuals infected with HCV without side effects.

PolyDNA develops dietary supplements like Gene-Eden-VIR using a unique scientific process. Gene-Eden-VIR is an antiviral remedy that purportedly helps the immune system kill latent viruses.