In View series to report on infectious disease prevention and treatment

A team of producers for the In View series hosted by Larry King announced on Thursday that the series will begin broadcasting information on infectious disease treatment and prevention, in the hopes of decreasing disease prevalence.

The producers decided to include prevention tips and stories regarding the influenza after reports that five people from Texas died from influenza H1N1 swine flu infections. The In View series is an educational television program, broadcasted to Americans throughout the nation.

The project is led by Senior Associate Producer Joel Walters, who will investigate real-life stories of disease prevention, progress made in the treatment of infectious diseases and stories regarding the influenza. Associate Producer Brian Cahill, Associate Producer Karla Sullivan, Associate Producer John Patrick, Associate Producer Courtney Lovejoy and Associate Producer Diane Shandler will also contribute to the project by investigating real-life success stories about prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.

The producers plan to research preventative methods used by hospitals and medical workers to prevent disease transmission between patients and themselves. They hope to bring viewers helpful stories about infectious disease prevention and treatment by the spring.

The In View series reports on multiple issues, including medical, educational, environmental, business and technological problems facing the world today.