Charity: Water raises $2 million for clean drinking water in Malawi

A charity ball held on December 23 raised almost $2 million for World Vision for the development of infrastructure to deliver clean drinking water to more than 52,000 people in the rural areas of Malawi.

Donor contributions from the charity event, hosted by Charity: Water, will provide 187 wells to communities throughout Malawi. World Vision is the largest nongovernmental organization to provide clean water in the developing world, bringing clean water to one person every 30 seconds.

"Every person on this planet should have access to clean drinking water," Founder and CEO of Charity: Water Scott Harrison said. "I am grateful to our amazing supporters and to World Vision, who will join us in bringing clean water to thousands of people in Malawi."

World Vision's "For Every Child" campaign has raised more than $400 million over six years to meet the global water crisis. The project is set to provide 7.5 million people with safe water, leading to better sanitation and hygiene.

The Caterpillar Foundation made one of the largest contributions, giving $1 million to World Vision. The Foundation donated $1,000 people for each person that participated in a "Waterwalk" at the charity event.

World Vision has increased its response to the global water crisis fourfold in the last two years to decrease child mortality due to unsafe drinking water, an issue that takes the lives of more than 1,600 children each year.