SUNDAY, JUNE 17, 2018

WCCT Global completes research unit for vaccine clinical trials

WCCT Global, a contract research organization, announced the completion on Thursday of a specialized clinical research unit for vaccine clinical trials.

The facility was designed to provide biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies with the freedom they need to safely test their vaccines under development in a secure facility with an integrated contract research organization. The new vaccine research unit includes 30 individual private rooms, separate dedicated units for vaccine and virus storage and separate HVAC systems for controlled ventilation.

"WCCT Global is aiming to be the leading full service CRO in vaccine clinical research," Lee Barsky, WCCT Global's vice president of global clinical development, said. "We have chosen to construct this new research unit to give our clients the premium level of service they deserve when it comes to vaccine clinical research."

WCCT Global, which has conducted research for more than 30 years, set up a streamlined process to use the company's recruitment tools to quickly and efficiently recruit qualified volunteers for vaccine clinical research. The company said it knew the facility would need to be in a patient rich community such as southern California to allow for easy access to study volunteers.

WCCT Global owns and operates five clinical sites headquartered in southern California.