Two new cases of avian influenza A infection confirmed in China

The World Health Organization said on Tuesday that two new cases of human-infected avian influenza A virus has been confirmed by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, China.

The first patient is a 65-year-old woman from Guangdong Province. After investigation, she was determined to have contracted the virus from contact with live poultry.

The patient began experiencing symptoms on Dec. 11 and was admitted to the hospital on Dec.15. She is in critical condition.

The second patient is a 39-year-old man, also from Guangdong Province. He became ill on Dec. 6, and was admitted to the hospital on Dec. 11. He also is in critical condition.

The cases are the latest of 141 human cases of avian influenza A confirmed in the Mainland, including 51 cases in Zhejiang, 33 cases in Shanghai, 28 cases in Jiangsu, six cases in Jiangxi, five cases in Fujian, four cases in Anhui, four cases in Henan, two cases in Shandong, two cases in Hunan, two cases in Beijing, three cases in Guangdong and one case in Hebei.

WHO said it does not advise special screening at points of entry, and does not recommend travel or trade bans.

The Chinese government said it will continue to monitor the cases, strengthen surveillance and analysis and provide risk information to the public.