Infect-ERA allocates $12.7 million to infectious disease research projects

Infect-ERA, an initiative funded by the European Commission, announced the funding on Monday of eight infectious disease-related projects as part of its first joint transnational call for collaborative research projects.

The projects, which will involve 41 partners from 11 countries, will be funded with approximately $12.7 million provided by funding agencies and partners with Infect-ERA. The projects were selected out of 96 applications involving 465 applicant groups from 11 different states and regions.

"The number of applications and the high scientific quality of the projects are strong indicators of success for Infect-ERA," Serawit Bruck-Landais, the coordinator of Infect-ERA, said. "The challenges of infectious diseases have no borders and we make a continuous effort to expand the Infect-ERA consortium. The Indian department of Biotechnology as well as the (Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek) and (Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique) from Belgium will participate in the second joint call scheduled to be launched early in 2014."

The Infect-ERA launched its first JTC for proposals in February to promote interdisciplinary and transnational research in the field of infectious diseases. The JTC focused on factors related to molecular mechanisms and environmental metabolism of infection agents, co-infection, host-microbe interaction and strategies of pathogenicity.

Infect-ERA said the eight funded projects cover multiple research areas, including antifungal and antiviral treatment targets, co-infection host factors and virulence.