MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2018

RPH Pharmaceuticals files infectious disease drug application in Europe

RPH Pharmaceuticals AB, a subsidiary of pharmaceutical developer and manufacturer Recipharm AB, announced on Monday that it filed an application for an infectious disease drug product in multiple European countries.

RPH Pharmaceuticals developed the product through a partnership with Astimex Pharma AB, a Swedish pharmaceutical company. Astimex will market the product in the Nordic market. The product, which is classified as a first in class generic, will be licensed to third parties for distribution in markets where Astimex is not currently represented.

"We are delighted that the collaboration with Astimex is proving to be so successful for both our companies," Johan Ã…kerblom, the business development manager for RPH Pharmaceuticals, said. "Indeed, we are greatly excited by the pace at which drug products are being developed and licensing, sales and distribution arrangements are being set in place. Furthermore, the sales potential for the collaboration products looks very promising with the infectious disease target being one clear example of this."

Astimex and RPH Pharmaceuticals also expanded their collaboration with another manufacturer in which the drug target is another first in class generic approved for use in most north European markets.

The collaboration between Recipharm and Astimex represents joint investments in which Recipharm builds a registration dossier while Astimex takes full responsibility for distribution and sales in the Swedish market. RPH Pharmaceuticals is able to out-license distribution and sales rights in non-Swedish markets.