MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2018

JCI Netherlands joins U.N. campaign to battle malaria

The U.N. Foundation's Nothing But Nets Campaign announced a partnership on Thursday with JCI Netherlands and Cordaid to battle malaria in sub-Saharan Africa by delivering insecticide-treated bed nets to families in need.

JCI Netherlands, the Dutch wing of the international non-profit organization, raised approximately $300,000 for the Nothing But Nets campaign to deliver the bed nets to families in South Sudan. The organization will partner with Cordaid, a Dutch non-governmental organization, on the project.

The contract was announced after two other successful projects in Cameroon and Sierra Leone.

"We are very proud of our early success in fighting malaria and we want to continue to expand that work in South Sudan, where the nets are also vital," Frank Buijs, the president of JCI Netherlands, said.

Nothing But Nets is a worldwide, grassroots campaign attempting to raise funds and awareness to battle malaria. With U.N. partners and other global organizations, the campaign protects families from malaria, which can be caused by a single mosquito bite.

"JCI International has been one of our campaign's leading partners in the fight against malaria," Chris Helfrich, the director of Nothing But Nets, said. "A child dies every minute from this deadly disease and JCI has been working tirelessly to help save lives."

Since 2006, Nothing But Nets raised $45 million from grassroots supporters to send more than seven million bed nets to families in Africa.

Malaria is responsible for the deaths of more than 600,000 people worldwide annually, most of them children under the age of five.