MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2018

Germany donates $800 million to Global Fund

Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday that Germany would continue to support efforts to defeat AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, and that remarkable progress has been made.

Her message was sent via videoconference to the White House during the Global Fund's Fourth Replenishment Conference.

"Countless lives have been saved," Merkel said. "You can rely on Germany. We have been a strong partner to the Global Fund from the beginning. Our commitment to the Fund will not waver."

The German delegation pledged $800 million to the Global Fund for 2014-2016, and signed a contribution agreement with World Bank to formalize the contribution.

"With the approval of parliament, we are able to give the Global Fund the predictability and security to successfully implement its new funding model," German Minister Dirk Niebel said.

Mark Dybul, the executive director of the Global Fund, said that because Germany has demonstrated its strong support, the Global Fund is able to assist marginalized populations, who suffer stigma and discrimination.

"By supporting the Global Fund, Germany is helping to save the lives of mothers, newborns, and young children who are particularly vulnerable to these three deadly diseases," Dybul said.

Germany has contributed more than $2 billion to the Global Fund during the past 12 years, becoming one of its leading donors.