MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2018

Phase 2 clinical trials for InnaVirVax therapeutic HIV vaccine begin

InnaVirVax SA said on Sunday that it will begin Phase 2 clinical trials of the VAC-3S vaccine as part of treatment for HIV-1 infection.

"On this World AIDS Day, the advancement of VAC-3S into this Phase 2 study is an important step forward," Shahin Gharakhanian, the chief medical officer of InnaVirVax, said. "We recognize we have much work to do towards the goal of durable treatments for patients and their families affected by HIV, and our company is rising to meet this challenge."

The Phase 2 study will determine antibody response to the vaccine when combined with standard antiretroviral therapy. The vaccine was developed to cause humoral immune response against a specific protein of HIV-1 known as 3S. When used with ART, the vaccine acts on key aspects that cause progressing of the disease.

VAC-3S is made of three parts that work together to produce an immune response. Information from previous tests indicate anti-3S antibodies are linked to an increase in CD4+ T-cells and a decrease of HIV viral reservoirs and inflammatory biomarkers.

"We've assembled a blue ribbon International US / EU Clinical Advisory Board to guide us, and highly experienced group of clinical investigators and stellar network of reference laboratories to conduct assessments," Joel Crouzet, the CEO of InnaVirVax, said. "InnaVirVax thus marks this World AIDS Day with a very innovative program to meaningfully address this challenging infection."

Crouzet said the coordinating principal investigators for the three countries are Christine Katlama of Paris, France; Juergen Rockstroh of Bonn, Germany; and Jose Gatell of Barcelona, Spain.