iPatientCare gains EHR certification from New York

iPatientCare, Inc., announced on Tuesday that its Electronic Health Record gained certification by the New York Immunization Information System, a subsidiary of the New York Department of Health.

The new EHR will allow iPatientCare users to import and submit immunization data electronically from the IPatientCare EHR. The goal of the new system is to help New York in its goal to reduce or eliminate vaccine preventable diseases.

The New York State Department of Health's Bureau of Immunization recently stated its commitment to reduce or eliminate cases of vaccine preventable diseases plaguing the children of New York. The EHR will help the state by providing a platform for complete, secure, accurate, real-time medical immunization records. The EHR also helps target individuals at higher risk for certain diseases.

The NYSDOH Bureau of Immunization has a target goal of entering 95 percent of children six years of age and under into the city's Immunization Information System as soon as possible.

"As the nation's leading EHR vendor, iPatientCare meets the criteria for submitting a child's immunization data in HL7 2.5.1 to NYSIIS and also importing the vaccination history provided by New York State Immunization Information System into iPatientCare EHR," iPatientCare Enterprise Integration Specialist Shahab Shaikh said. "This is aligned with the Meaningful Use State 2 requirement for an electronic interface to an Immunization Registry. By any standard, this is a very unique achievement and we are very proud of having achieved this certification."