MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2018

Emergent BioSolutions receives award for Lansing investments

The Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce honored Emergent BioSolutions on Thursday with a Regional Growth Award for its continued investment near Lansing.

Emergent BioSolutions was founded in 1998 by Fuad El-Hibri, who is now the executive chairman of the company's Board of Directors. The company manufactures vaccines and treatments for diseases. It also developed and produces a vaccine for Anthrax called BioThrax, which has been approved and licensed for use by the Food and Drug Administration.

"We were established to make products to protect lives, around the world and specifically in Lansing," Executive Vice President and President of the BioDefense Division Adam Havey said, according to the Lansing State Journal. "Every day we provide product that protects our country's soldiers and people all over the world."

The Foundation for Industrial Maintenance Excellence awarded Emergent's Lansing location the 2013 North American Maintenance Excellence Award.

"We plan to continue expanding, both locally and globally, on a steep growth curve, toward an ultimate goal of $300 million in revenue by 2015," Havey said, the Lansing State Journal reports. "We also want to introduce world health initiatives while continuing and growing our work with our military."

Emergent employs more than 850 people, 450 of whom are within the Lansing area.