Novartis receives corporate citizenship award from Malaria No More

Novartis, a Basel, Switzerland-based pharmaceutical company, recently announced it was honored with the Global Corporate Citizenship Award at the Malaria No More International Honors annual benefit.

Novartis received the award in recognition of its ongoing contributions to malaria control and elimination. Since 2001, Novartis delivered more than 600 million antimalarial treatments to malaria-endemic countries throughout Africa without making a profit. Novartis also invested in partnerships to maximize the impact of its efforts, including a collaboration with Medicines for Malaria Venture to develop a sweet-tasting malaria treatment for infants and children.

"Novartis is a corporate pioneer in its work to reduce the burden of malaria, partnering on a range of innovative programs that have enabled access to essential medicines for hundreds of millions of people," Martin Edlund, the CEO of Malaria No More, said. "Simply put, we could not achieve our mission to end deaths from malaria without the leadership of Novartis, and we hope more companies will follow their example."

In 2010, Novartis rolled out a program called SMS for Life that uses mobile technology to manage delivery and stock levels of antimalarial medicines for rural health facilities. This year, Novartis collaborated with Malaria No More to help close the malaria treatment gap in Africa.

"We are honored to receive this award and proud of the significant contributions Novartis has made in the past two decades in the fight against this deadly disease," Joerg Reinhardt, the chairman of the Novartis board of directors, said. "However we still face a significant problem and more is required, with cross-industry partnerships essential to ensuring that we make the difference needed."

The Malaria No More International Honors Awards acknowledge the support of global efforts in the fight against malaria. Also recognized during the recent benefit were Hillary Rodham Clinton, the former U.S. secretary of state, and Gary Ginsberg, the executive vice president of corporate marketing and communications at Time Warner, Inc.