NVIC promotes public awareness about national vaccine policies

The National Vaccine Information Center, a non-profit vaccine safety charity, and Joseph Mercola announced on Tuesday that they raised questions about national vaccine policies during the fourth annual Vaccine Awareness Week.

The NVIC and Mercola, the founder of the health website, questioned the so-called "national one-size-fits-all vaccine policies" that direct doctors to vaccine all pregnant women with the tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis vaccine.

"Young parents are not being fully informed about the lack of quality scientific evidence to support the safety of a federal vaccine policy that directs doctors to give every pregnant woman an influenza and Tdap shot during every pregnancy," Barbara Loe Fisher, the president of NVIC, said. "There are questions about why public health officials are heavily promoting a relatively small number of measles cases in our 95 percent vaccinated population, while joining with pharmaceutical and medical trade groups to lobby for elimination of vaccine exemptions in U.S. health laws."

NVIC and Mercola are highlighting video commentaries about vaccination during pregnancy and measles reports in America on and Starting on Saturday, will show the award-winning vaccine documentary The Greater Good free of charge for one week.

According to NVIC, The Greater Good includes advocates from both sides of the vaccine safety and choice debate to help viewers understand why the vaccine conversation became so polarized.

"Everyone should have access to good information about vaccination and health and the freedom to make voluntary health care choices for themselves and their children," Mercola said.