ECDC launches new infectious disease-mapping tool

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control recently launched a new tool that helps map infectious diseases across Europe, with consideration to how ecological environments affect the progression of a disease.

The new tool, called E3 Geoportal, uses environmental changes, land-use, socio-economical information and globalization data to help recognize the transmission patterns of infectious diseases to better help control outbreaks. The tool is a platform for data exchange and cooperation from scientists across Europe to track and understand emerging infectious diseases.

The E3 Geoportal enables the collection and exchange of data in an easy way for the user. The tool also keeps an inventory of the preexisting information that has been collected, maintained and managed by the ECDC's European Environment and Epidemiology Network.

Users will be able to upload datasets and maps pertaining to a particular infectious disease affecting the country. Users can share these maps among one another to better understand how ecology affects the spread of a particular disease.

The E3 Geoportal tool is also equipped with analytical tools, maps of risk assessment, reports and software applications. The datasets already programmed into the portal cover a range of potential variables that can affect the spread of various communicable diseases affecting Europe. The tool is programmed with past, present and prediction of future ecological conditions to estimate the progress of infectious diseases in the coming years.