ECDC reports 226 West Nile fever cases in EU during season

There were 226 human cases of West Nile fever, including 150 neuroinvasive infections, in the European Union during West Nile virus transmission season in Europe, the European Centre for Disease Control said on Friday.

The ECDC made the report as part of its final weekly update of West Nile fever reporting. The ECDC said the report marked the close of its seasonal monitoring of West Nile virus transmission for 2013. There were no new cases of West Nile fever reported in the EU since October 25.

The first cases of West Nile fever during the transmission season in Europe were reported on May 31 in Russia. During the season, there were 86 cases of West Nile fever in Greece, 69 in Italy, 31 in Hungary, 24 in Romania and 16 in Croatia.

Greece was the most affected country in the EU and Italy reported more cases than during previous seasons.

In countries neighboring the EU, there were 557 cases declared in Tunisia, Israel, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Of the neighboring countries, Serbia was the most affected with 302 cases in 18 districts. Russia experienced 177 cases and Israel experienced 63 cases during the transmission season.

Starting on June 5, the ECDC published weekly updates on the spatial distribution of West Nile fever cases in the EU and neighboring countries.