FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2018

Human case of avian influenza confirmed in Guangdong Province

The Health and Family Planning Commission of Guangdong Province alerted the Centre or Health Protection and the Department of Health in Hong Kong on Tuesday of a confirmed human case of H7N9 avian influenza A.

The patient is a 3-year-old boy who lives in Dongguan, and is receiving treatment under isolation at the hospital. The Centre for Health Protection reported that the boy showed minor symptoms without a fever.

Close contacts of the patient are under medical surveillance. Three contacts showed flu-like symptoms, but tested negative for avian influenza.

A total of 137 human cases of avian influenza have been reported in China, according to the Centre for Health Protection. Locations with confirmed cases include the Mainland areas of Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Fujian, Anhui, Henan, Shandong, Hunan, Beijing, Guangdong and Hebei.

The Department of Health asked that travelers returning from infected areas who develop flu-like symptoms of fever and respiratory distress wear a mask and seek medical attention.

Port health measures were implemented by border control points in response to avian influenza in Mainland areas. Health information related to avian influenza is currently displayed on posters in travel areas, distributed in health pamphlets and present as part of in-flight announcements.