Oral vaccine for tuberculosis reported safe in second Phase II trial

Immunitor, Inc., announced on Thursday that its second Phase II trial of oral tuberculosis vaccine conducted in Ukraine was published in the October issue of Immunotherapy journal.

The oral vaccine uses heat-killed Mycobacterium vaccae (V7). The test subjects had four types of TB including drug sensitive TB, re-treated TB, drug-resistant TB and TB with HIV. The study reported that the oral vaccine was safe and has potential, when used in addition to current treatments, to improve efficacy and shorten the time of TB chemotherapy treatment.

"The main conclusion of this trial is that conventional TB chemotherapy can be shortened to as little as one month even in patients with (multi-drug resistant TB) and those with HIV," Dr. Dmytro Butov, the study's principal investigator, said. "I am confident that we can confirm these results in Phase III multi-country trial to be started in the near future."

The World Health Organization estimates that up to two million people may develop drug-resistant TB by 2015. There are 8.6 million new cases of TB and 1.3 million deaths from TB each year.

Immunitor is a commercial stage company committed to developing oral immunotherapies.