Olympiacos FC partners with UNICEF to immunize children

Olympiacos FC, the biggest title-winning soccer club in Greece, recently joined with UNICEF to raise funds and increase awareness for UNICEF's 100% Campaign, which is meant to reach unvaccinated children.

Olympiacos will feature UNICEF's logo on player jerseys in an effort to raise approximately $2.76 million over the next two years. If the club is successful, the fundraising effort could save the lives of 50,000 children.

"Since the establishment of our club in 1925, Olympiacos as a (soccer) team has represented an idea, a movement, a set of values that brings people together, as if they were members of the same family," Vangelis Marinakis, the president of Olympiacos FC, said. "On these values we want to base our new partnership with UNICEF. We have always been close to those in need, and with UNICEF now on our side we can achieve what is most important to us, that is to put the well-being of children around the world first!"

According to UNICEF, approximately one and a half million children around the world die from vaccine preventable diseases each year. Weak governance, poverty, poor infrastructure and conflict prevent close to 20 percent of all children from receiving vaccinations. The 100% Campaign is meant to ensure that all unreached children get the vaccines.

"UNICEF is proud to partner with Olympiacos FC to amplify UNICEF's voice for children, let millions of sport lovers know that they can help save vulnerable children's lives, and raise much needed funds for our efforts to reach all children with basic immunization," Leila Pakkala, the UNICEF director of private fundraising and partnerships, said.