Stellar announces successful preclinical trial of PSII-KLH C. diff vaccine

Stellar Biotechnologies, Inc., announced on Monday that a preclinical study of its KLH-conjugate active immunotherapy vaccine was successful in protecting mice against a Clostridium difficile infection.

The results from the study will be presented this week at the 8th International Conference on the Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis of the Clostridia in Queensland, Australia. The study will be presented via oral presentation, titled "An Anti-C. difficile PSII Polysaccharide-KLH Conjugate Vaccine is Efficacious in Mice."

C. diff is a bacterium that thrives in the intestines and can cause life-threatening illness to its hosts. Cases of C. diff infections have tripled in the last ten years, increasing the need for a drug to counter infection.

Stellar's vaccine affects multiple strains of C. diff by targeting the antigens produced on cell surfaces following a C. diff infection. The vaccine combines polysaccharides of C. diff with Stellar's KLH technology used as a carrier and adjuvant.

Some of the study's mice were vaccinated against C. diff; the others were unvaccinated and used as the control group. All mice were exposed to infection and those who were vaccinated showed a higher survival rate than the unvaccinated mice.

The study's results suggest that Stellar's PSII-KLH vaccine may be an effective treatment against C. diff infections.