FIND India highlights progress in the fight against TB

The Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics in India released a statement on Monday that highlighted the organization's progress in the fight against tuberculosis and detailed its plans to gain control over the disease.

The Tuberculosis Control Programme has been in place in India for the past six years. The new program, titled "India's Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program," seeks to provide the Indian people with free, quality tuberculosis treatment and diagnoses. The National Strategic Plan takes the RNTCP's goals a step further: it seeks to provide universal access to TB treatment and diagnosis to all the people of India by 2017.

The next objective of FIND India is to contribute to the fight against multidrug-resistant TB and the TB diagnostic process. India has conducted demonstrational studies, endorsed by the World Health Organization, to test the efficacy of tools that can accelerate the diagnostic process. The country also intends to increase its research capacity with the development of an improved national laboratory.

India continues to enhance its laboratory capacities to include new technologies. Between the first quarter of 2011 and the third quarter of 2013, India's TB diagnostic lab was able to diagnose more than 35,000 MDR-TB cases, increasing the chance of survival for patients.

Alongside the fight against TB, India also seeks to expand its capacity to handle other diseases, such as the Leishmaniasis Elimination Program in India, and continue to move the people of India toward health.