Nano Viricides FluCide influenza drug candidate safe in animal study

>NanoViricides, Inc., announced on Monday that its injectable FluCide drug candidate against the Influenza A virus proved to be safe and well tolerated in a safety/toxicology study conducted with non-Good Laboratory Practices small animals.

The study was an important step in the progress of the FluCide drug gaining approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The study was conducted at KARD Scientific in Massachusetts.

During the course of the study, laboratory mice were treated with the maximum dose of FluCide within a one hour timeframe. The mice remained healthy throughout the course of the study. Even at the highest possible dose, no visible signs of toxicity were observed.

Nano Viricides reported no safety or toxicology concerns in the mice. The research team found the injectable FluCide drug candidate to be high effective in non-GLP small animal models against an array of influenza A viral strains. Nano Viricides will soon receive the complete report of all clinical and laboratory data, including blood chemistry and histopathology, to confirm its findings.

Nano Viricides is currently reconfiguring its studies to reproduce the study with larger quantities of the FluCide drug candidate. It is also continuing research toward two injectable FluCide administration options to create doses appropriate for both hospitalized patients with severe influenza and outpatients with influenza infections.