FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2018

WHO reports new laboratory-confirmed case of MERS-CoV

The World Health Organization reported on Friday a new laboratory-confirmed case of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus infection in Qatar.

The newest victim is a 61-year-old man with underlying medical conditions. The man was admitted to a hospital on Oct. 11 and remains hospitalized in stable condition.

The patient's testing, conducted by the Public Health England laboratory, proved positive for MERS-CoV. He did not travel outside of Qatar during the two weeks preceding his illness.

The patient handles animals regularly at his farm. Some of the farm animals were tested for MERS-Cov, and although the animals tested negative their investigation remains underway.

Since September 2012, a total of 139 laboratory-confirmed cases of MERS-CoV infection have been reported, including 60 deaths. The WHO said it encourages Member States to continue surveillance and monitoring of severe acute respiratory infections and MERS-CoV.

The WHO asked Member States to continue to implement systematic infection prevention and control methods. The WHO recommends health care facilities take precautions against a MERS-CoV outbreak by strictly implementing IPC measures when in contact with a patient with a confirmed MERS-CoV infection.

The WHO advised all Member States to report any new cases of MERS-CoV to the organization, and does not recommend special screening points or travel or trade restrictions at this time.