TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2018

RBM and South African DOH highlight progress towards eliminating malaria

The South African Department of Health and the Roll Back Malaria Partnership released a report on Wednesday that highlighted the success South Africa has had towards eradicating malaria in the country.

The report, titled the "RBM Progress and Impact Series - Focus on South Africa," is a timeline of South Africa's fight towards eradicating malaria over the past few decades. South Africa is committed to eliminating the disease from the country by 2018, a goal set by the late Dr. Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, the former minister of health. The goal was set in response to the sixth Millennium Development Goal, which aims to reverse the prevalence of malaria.

"South Africa has a long and proud track record fighting this disease," Minister of Health Dr. Aarom Motsoaledi said. "We are proud to showcase our local expertise and scientific advancements in the Roll Back Malaria Progress and Impact Series. Thanks to our community of world-class scientists and the government's sustained investment in malaria control, South Africa is now well on its way being a malaria free country."

Between 2000 and 2012, South Africa has decreased malaria morbidity from 64,500 cases to 6,847 cases and decreased malaria mortality from 460 deaths to 70 deaths. Leaders behind the initiative said the driving force behind South Africa's success stems from the funding it has receives globally.

"South Africa has been fortunate in that the government has fully funded our national malaria control policy," Director of the National Malaria Program Dr. Devanand Moonasar said. "We have also been fortunate in securing partnerships with key stakeholders such as Roll Back Malaria, who ensure that results that we have achieved are widely disseminated through publications such as the Progress and Impact Series."