SUNDAY, JUNE 17, 2018

GeoVax announces positive results from Phase IIa HIV vaccine trial

GeoVax Labs, Inc., an Atlanta-based biotechnology company, presented additional results on Wednesday from a Phase IIa trial evaluating the safety and immunogenicity of the company's first generation preventive HIV vaccine.

The company presented the results from HVTN 205, a multi-center, randomized Phase IIa trial, at the 2013 AIDS Vaccine Meeting in Barcelona. The trial found that at six months following vaccination, patient antibody levels dropped less than three-fold, indicating significant durability of the antibody response.

The study tested the prime-boost vaccine regimen of GeoVax's DNA vaccine and modified vaccinia Ankara vaccine in healthy adults uninfected by HIV. Six months after vaccination, antibody response titers in the MVA vaccine arm only dropped from 100 percent to 84 percent. The study also showed that the antibody responses after vaccination had high affinity binding, a characteristic associated with HIV infection prevention in preclinical models.

"We are very pleased with the durability of our antibody responses," Harriet Robinson, the chief scientific officer at GeoVax, said. "We are also encouraged that our vaccine is eliciting tightly binding Ab in humans. The key to a successful preventive vaccine is the antibody response, which needs to be both sustained and capable of high affinity binding."

The study was conducted by the HIV Vaccine Trials Network, with support from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease. The HVTN is also conducting a Phase I trial of GeoVax's second-generation DNA/MVA vaccine.

GeoVax's two component vaccine is meant to stimulate both anti-HIV T cell and anti-HIV antibody immune responses.