Safeway gives extra incentive to flu vaccine customers

Safeway, Inc., a North American food and drug retailer, announced on Monday that it would provide a 10 percent off coupon for an entire shopping trip to customers who get a flu vaccine.

Safeway is offering the coupon to customers who get the vaccine at Safeway pharmacies. The company offers traditional and high dose vaccines throughout the U.S., while select Safeway locations will have the new Quadrivalent FluMist intranasal vaccine. The new vaccine is suitable for healthy patients between the ages of five and 49 years old.

Safeway's goal is to inspire its communities and customers to get vaccines against an illness that affects five to 20 percent of the U.S. population annually, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"We have always made the process of getting a flu vaccine affordable and convenient. Now, we're giving an extra incentive to protect against a very common, very infectious illness," Darren Singer, the senior vice president of pharmacy at Safeway, said. "We especially want to protect those most at risk. For seniors, the Fluzone HD offers a better immune response and better protection against flu."

All Safeway Pharmacy locations provide flu shots during normal business hours, seven days a week, on a walk-in basis. No prescription or appointment is needed. Safeway pharmacists have given more than five million vaccines in the past decade.

The CDC recommends that all people aged six months and above receive a flu vaccine.