CSL Biotherapies completes AFLURIA shipments for 2013-2014 flu season

CSL Biotherapies, Inc., announced on Monday that is has completed its shipment of 11 million doses of AFLURIA for the 2013-2014 flu season, ensuring healthcare providers have sufficient influenza vaccines for the season.

"CSL Biotherapies is committed to supporting the needs of healthcare professionals in the United States," Head of Worldwide Commercial Operations, Influenza, Dr. Marie Mazur said. "Our early and rapid delivery of AFLURIA for the 2013-14 season attests to this commitment, and, most importantly, helps to ensure that influenza vaccine providers have a high quality influenza vaccine to use in combating the flu in their communities, a very serious public health concern."

The shipment included both multi-dose and pre-filled vaccine syringes of AFLURIA. All of the shipments were delivered to customers on time or before expected arrival date.

AFLURIA is an inactivated seasonal influenza vaccine. It fights against influenza virus A and B and is safe for use in persons more than five years of age.

The AFLURIA vaccine is egg-based. It is recommended that persons with known severe egg allergies to refrain from receiving the AFLURIA vaccine, as they may have an allergic reaction.

CSL Biotherapies, Inc., is the U.S. headquarters of bioCSL; it is a division of CSL Limited, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. CSL Group employs more than 11,000 people globally and operates in 26 countries worldwide.