SciMetrika receives $1.5 million immunization contract from CDC

SciMetrika, LLC, a Durham, North Carolina-based population health consulting firm, announced on Friday that it received a $1.5 million contract from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Under the terms of the 36-month contract, SciMetrika will maintain and enhance the Immunization Electronic Grant Application Tracking Information System. eGrATIS is used to manage the application award process for local health departments and other organizations applying for immunization program grants. The grants are meant to protect communities from vaccine-preventable diseases.

"At SciMetrika, we appreciate how important it is to be able to bring the necessary population health perspective to technology solutions," Jean Orelien, the CEO of SciMetrika, said. "We are excited to work with the CDC on this innovative program to maintain and enhance eGrATIS."

SciMetrika will provide a team of multidisciplinary health information technology professionals to implement system changes that sync up with the grant and cooperative agreement award cycle. SciMetrika will partner with Science Applications International Corporation, the company that originally built the tool.

"We believe an improved and highly visible eGrATIS will establish a high-level benchmark for other CDC programs to learn from and build upon," John Dorries, the senior director of SciMetrika's Program Management Office and the project's director, said. "As the agency looks to consolidate several grants management systems, it is critical to keep response times rapid and ensure the system stays intuitive."

eGrATIS is operated out of the Immunization Services Division within the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases' Office of Infectious Diseases.