BVGH and WIPO complete 30th research agreement

BIO Ventures for Global Health announced on Tuesday that it completed its 30th research agreement as part of a partnership with World Intellectual Property Organization to fight against malaria, tuberculosis, dengue and other neglected tropical diseases.

The agreement between BVGH and WIPO seeks to quicken the development of diagnostics and vaccines for a number of serious diseases affecting more than 1.5 billion people in the developing world.

A recent issue of the Nature journal reported an underestimated global count of dengue cases. Including more recent outbreaks of dengue in the developed world, including Russia, Portugal and the U.S., the count of dengue incidents can be as high as 400 million cases annually.

"While advances in science medicine and technology have enabled high-income countries to dramatically reduce the burden of infectious diseases developing countries still struggle with high rates of preventable deaths from these diseases which have a devastating impact on more than one billion people living in poverty and their economies" BVGH President Jennifer Dent said. "WIPO Re:Search partnerships are advancing the development of new products to address these old and debilitating diseases. Working with our members and partners BVGH plans to broaden these agreements and establish new programs to address the needs of infectious disease researchers worldwide."