SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018

Maine mosquito pools test positive for EEE

Maine's Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Department of Agriculture Conservation and Forestry announced on Monday that 13 additional mosquito pools in Southern Maine have tested positive for Eastern Equine Encephalitis.

In a number of these locations, EEE had been previously confirmed. York County towns of Alfred, Kittery and York tested positive for EEE.

This brings the total of positive EEE tested mosquito pools to 21 this year. Two horses died last week from EEE in Oxford County and York County.

The Maine Center for Disease Control also announced that West Nile virus was found in one of the mosquito pools.

"The fact that we now have pools testing positive for EEE and WNV only increases the need for prevention" Dr. Stephen Sears, a state epidemiologist, said.

To protect against EEE and WNV, the Maine Center for Disease Control recommended that everyone use EPA approved repellents when outdoors, wear long sleeves and shirts, keep window screens in place and doors closed, limit time spent outdoors during dusk and dawn and remove containers holding stagnant water.

"Mainers need to be aware of the risk of mosquitoes" Dr. Sheila Pinette, the director of Maine CDC, said. "EEE and WNV are very serious diseases, but they can be prevented by avoiding mosquito bites."