Lifeline Pharmaceuticals donates flu vaccines to Virgin Islands

Lifeline Pharmaceuticals, LLC, a Miami-based supplier of brand and generic injectables, and its Caribbean sister company announced the donation on Wednesday of flu vaccines to the Virgin Islands Department of Health.

Lifeline Pharmaceuticals and Lifeline Pharmaceuticals Caribbean, LLC, donated 600 flu vaccines in total to the DOH, the Juan F. Luis Hospital & Medical Center and the Roy Lester Schneider Hospital during on September 4 and September 5. Both Lifeline companies were founded by Rick Nielsen, a Miami-based entrepreneur and a native of St. Croix, Virgin Islands.

"We know that the flu season is particularly aggressive in the Virgin Islands during the peak tourism season," Rick Nielsen, the president and CEO of Lifeline Pharmaceuticals, said. "We want to do our part to help protect our people particularly the most susceptible segments of the population which are the elderly and young children under the age of five."

Lifeline Caribbean's board of directors is compromised exclusively of native Virgin Islanders. The board continuously seeks ways to improve the quality of life in the Virgin Islands.

"This type of collaboration enables us to reach more people and expand access to preventive care such as the flu vaccine," Darice Plaskett, the Virgin Islands health commissioner, said. "We extend our appreciation to Lifeline for the generous contribution of flu vaccine to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Lifeline's contribution is a fine example of public/private collaboration for the benefit of the people of the Virgin Islands."

Lifeline Caribbean's board joined with several members of the Virgin Island's Senate to determine a meaningful and timely donation that would best benefit the Virgin Islands community.

"When successful Virgin Islanders remember their roots and return to aid the community they were raised in it has tremendous meaning beyond the initial impact," Sen. Kenneth Gittens (D-St. Croix) said. "Mr. Nielsen and his board at Lifeline Pharmaceuticals are setting an example for current and future generations of Virgin Islanders to follow as they gain success whether at home or abroad. We have been very fortunate in our business and we are always pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to the people of the Virgin Islands."