GAVI congratulates MSF on immunizations in Yida refugee camp

The GAVI Alliance recently congratulated Médecins Sans Frontières for starting to vaccinate children in the South Sudan-based Yida refugee camp with pneumococcal conjugate vaccines.

GAVI facilitated MSF's acquisition of the life-saving vaccines. GAVI said that like MSF, the organization is working to make sure all children have access to the best and latest vaccines available.

"Our focus is on expanding access to vaccines in a long-term sustainable way and that means working through the governments of the world's 73 poorest countries to strengthen and expand routine immunization services for all children," GAVI said.

While South Sudan has not yet applied for GAVI support for PCV, GAVI said that when the country does it will work with the country's Ministry of Health to help South Sudan roll the vaccine out to all its children. In 2014, GAVI will help South Sudan roll out the pentavalent vaccine.

GAVI said it recognized the necessity of vaccines in humanitarian emergencies, recently supporting the introduction of PCV in Kenya for Somali children in the Dadaab refugee camp.

The GAVI Alliance, also known as the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, is a partnership compromised of key U.N. agencies, leaders of the vaccine industry, major foundations and representatives of bilateral aid agencies meant to deliver vaccines to the world's poorest children.