Visterra presents efficacy data on influenza A investigational agent

Visterra, Inc., a developer of novel therapeutics to treat infectious diseases, announced on Monday that it recently presented data on its investigational influenza A agent during an international conference in South Africa.

Donna Ambrosino, Visterra's chief medical officer, presented preclinical data on VIS410 at the Options for the Control of Influenza in Cape Town. The data showed broadly protective properties of VIS410 as an effective, preventive and therapeutic investigational agent against multiple subtypes of influenza A.

The study found that VIS410 had an additive effect when combined with antiviral drugs in treating influenza. The antibody is designed to be broadly protective against all influenza A subtypes.

"VIS410 continues to demonstrate highly encouraging results across the spectrum of influenza A strains and further supports Visterra's plans to develop VIS410 as a new universal approach to combat both seasonal and pandemic influenza," Ambrosino said.

The data showed that VIS410 protected against death in a severe H3N2 influenza mouse model and reduced the spread of influenza via respiratory droplets in a ferret model.

Previous studies showed the efficacy of VIS410 against a broad range of influenza A types, including H3N2, H5N1 and H1N1.

"We are pleased to be among the global leaders in influenza at the Options conference and to be sharing the exciting results that suggest that VIS410 offers a novel approach to influenza and potential pandemic threats," Brian Pereira, the CEO of Visterra, said.

Influenza causes approximately five million cases of severe illness annually with approximately 250,000 to 500,000 deaths worldwide.