SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018

Qatar reports first confirmed death from MERS coronavirus

Qatar's Supreme Council of Health announced on September 3 the first confirmed death in Qatar due to the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus.

"The new case is (a) 56-year-old Qatari woman who suffers from several chronic diseases and risk factors," the Supreme Council of Health said. "She was admitted to intensive care unit at a hospital on 23 August and died on 31 August."

This is the third case of the coronavirus in Qatar. The first case was from a 59-year-old Qatari citizen who felt symptoms after traveling abroad. He was checked into the hospital on August 15 and eventually recovered.

The second case was a 29-year-old Qatari citizen who felt symptoms on August 17. He is still in critical condition and receiving treatment in the intensive care unit.

All people who were exposed to these three cases were tested in Hamad Medical Corporation laboratory and were shown to have negative results. A fact-finding team, in accordance with World Health Organization recommendations, is watching and helping those who were in close contact with the confirmed cases.

The SCH is monitoring the procedures regarding these confirmed cases of the coronavirus and watching over close contacts. They are also tightening up infection control in all cases of acute respiratory infections.