ECDC reports increase in paratyphoid A fever from travelers in Cambodia

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control announced on Thursday that there has been a strange increase in the number of cases of paratyphoid A fever from travelers returning from Cambodia.

Since March 2013, there have been 34 cases of paratyphoid A fever reported from travelers coming back from Cambodia, including 30 European travelers. This is a sharp increase from a year ago when there were only two cases of paratyphoid A fever reported.

The cases occurred over the time span of several months, with the most recent cases coming in August. This suggests that there is a persistent source of the disease that has not yet been found. More cases of paratyphoid A fever could occur if the source is not found, but the spread of the disease through secondary transmission in Europe is expected to be limited.

The ECDC is asking that clinicians in travel clinics and in infectious disease hospitals be on the lookout for people with paratyphoid A fever.

The ECDC recommends that travelers coming back from a tropical country, especially Cambodia, who show signs of a fever seek medical attention as soon as possible. People who are about to travel to South-East Asia should also use all preventive measures, which include personal and food hygiene.