SUNDAY, JULY 15, 2018

ECDC reports 26 new West Nile virus cases in EU

The European Centre for Disease Control reported 26 new cases of West Nile fever in the past week in the European Union.

The number of new cases represented the highest number of newly reported cases in one week for the 2013 season thus far. The number of newly affected areas and EU countries also increased after the first probable case of West Nile fever was detected in Croatia's Zagrebacka County.

There were newly affected areas reported in the past week in all EU countries reporting West Nile fever cases, including Romania, Italy, Hungary and Greece. Eighty new cases of West Nile fever were reported in EU neighboring countries in the last week.

As of August 29, there were 68 human cases of West Nile fever reported in the EU with 256 cases reported in neighboring countries since the start of the 2013 transmission season.

Last week, the ECDC reported 12 new cases of West Nile fever in the EU and 57 new cases in neighboring countries.

West Nile fever is a disease caused by the West Nile virus, a pathogen transmitted by mosquitoes. EU blood safety legislation requires that accurate information is collected about areas affected by West Nile virus in a timely fashion.