SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018

Connecticut closes areas of Pachaug State Forest because of EEE

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection announced on Friday that it closed areas of the Pachaug State Forest due to the presence of Eastern Equine Encephalitis in mosquitoes in the area.

DEEP closed the Mt. Misery areas or Chapman area, which include the forest interior roads and campground areas bound by east of Rt. 201, north of Rt. 138, west of Rt. 49 and south of Hell Hollow Rd. These portions of the park will be treated with adulticides and ultra low-volume ground spraying will be conducted in the area.

"Based on the continued presence of EEE in this portion of Pachaug State Forest, and in consultation with the mosquito management team, it was decided to close a larger area of the forest and to spray in an attempt to minimize the number of mosquitoes in the vicinity," Daniel C. Esty, the DEEP Commissioner, said. "CAES will trap and test mosquitoes both before and after tonight's spraying so that we have sound information to assist us in deciding on our next course of action."

Earlier, on August 21, other campgrounds in Pachaug State Forest were closed because of EEE being detected in the area. These campgrounds will remain closed until further notice.

"EEE can be a very serious disease, so it's extremely important that the public heed the closure of the affected area of the Pachaug State Forest to reduce the risk of being bitten by infected mosquitoes," Dr. Jewel Mullen, the Department of Public Health commissioner, said. "Even after the spraying for mosquitoes, people should continue to do what they can to prevent mosquito bites, especially in the communities surrounding the forest."