FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2018

Medivir AB announces successful interim test results for HCV drug

Medivir AB announced the interim results of its second ongoing COSMOS study of its drug against hepatitis C on Wednesday, which combines simeprevir and sofobuvir to produce a stronger drug against HCV.

The test study was run for 12 weeks and used HCV-positive volunteers who were previously found to be unresponsive to HCV treatment, with a Metavir score of F3-F4.

The volunteers were treated with a combination drug of simeprevir and sofobuvir once daily, some with ribavirin and some without. People treated with ribavirin had a 96% response to treatment, while those treated without ribavirin had a 100% response to the drug. The initial study of the combined drug found a 96% and 93% response rate, with and without ribavirin respectively.

"The high SVR rates seen in genotype 1 prior null responders and treatment-naive patients with advanced liver disease in the COSMOS study and the safety profile of the combination are highly encouraging," EVP Development at Medivir AB Charlotte Edenius said. "We look forward to the final results of this study in difficult to cure patients."

Simeprevir is a newly developed NS3/4A protease inhibitor for the treatment of adult patients with compensated liver disease due to chronic hepatitis C infections jointly developed by Medivir and Janssen R&D Ireland.

Sofobuvir is a nucleotide analog polymerase inhibitor intended for once-daily use for the treatment of HCV. It was developed by Gilead Sciences, Inc.