MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2018

Mobile Health offers services to help facilities comply with flu vaccine rule

Mobile Health, an occupational health company, announced on Wednesday that it is offering services to help New York state healthcare facilities comply with a new requirement that all unvaccinated personnel wear face masks.

On July 31, the New York State Department of Health put a new rule into effect requiring all unvaccinated healthcare personnel to wear a face mask while treating patients. Mobile Health is offering new services to healthcare companies to help them comply with the new regulation.

Mobile Health is offering healthcare organizations on-site vaccination services, vaccination during regular appointments or appointments through its Flu Shot Express program. Mobile Health will give the organizations access to an electronic database to compile all the vaccination records. The DOH is requiring all healthcare organizations to maintain and submit detailed reports on the vaccination status of any employees who come directly into contact with patients.

Vaccines through regular appointments and the Flu Shot Express program start at $25 per vaccine with volume discounts for qualified agencies. The price of on-site services varies depending on dates, location and the number of vaccines administered.

The new regulation by the DOH is meant to protect vulnerable patients in an industry where only 63.5 percent of healthcare personnel get a seasonal influenza vaccine, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. When the flu is declared widespread, unvaccinated personnel will need to wear a face mask while serving their patients. The policy applies to individuals with a medical vaccine exemption, in addition to individuals with personal or religious beliefs.

Mobile Health has six locations in New York City and Long Island and specializes in employment-related drug testing, medical exams and job specific screening needs.