MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2018

FastCare offers year round flu shots

FastCare, a provider of urgent care in Miami, Florida, announced on Wednesday that it is offering new preventive services, like the flu shot, to all walk-in and existing patients year round.

FastCare offers different kinds of preventive care, like preoperative physicals and clearances that are needed before certain surgical procedures, but this latest addition is meant to combat a flu season that is no longer contained to just winter.

In previous decades, winter was usually deemed the "flu season" and the routine was to get a flu shot before each season. This is no longer the case. Due to the increase of viruses, bacteria and super bugs, along with a dramatic rise in world travel on a consistent basis, the flu season has elongated to cover every month of the year.

The Department of Health releases new vaccines every year that are designed to protect people from the upcoming season's flu virus. This, however, does not protect those who are especially vulnerable during other parts of the year.

Fastcare now offers flu shots and advice on an array of preventive topics to walk in patients.