MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2018

Australian medical authorities recommend Gene-Eden-VIR flu vaccine

The peak of Australia's flu season has begun, with more than 20 confirmed cases reported in Eastern Australia last week, and medical professionals are recommending the Gene-Eden-VIR vaccine as a safe treatment option.

The flu season in Australia runs from May through October. According to the Australian Department of Health and Ageing, Australia sees the flu season peak in August. Medical professionals of Australia are expecting the flu virus to make its way to Western Australia in the upcoming weeks and recommended people get their flu vaccines now.

The populations most at-risk are the elderly, children less than five years of age and people with chronic diseases.

"Nobody knows how bad Australia's flu season is going to be, and at least one flu vaccine brand is associated with bad reactions in children," Mike Evans of polyDNA said. "The good news is that there is a natural anti-flu remedy proven to be effective against latent viral infections. For people that want to boost their immune system before flu season, we recommend Gene-Eden-VIR."

Gene-Eden-VIR is a vaccine to fight against latent viruses. Studies show the drug is safe, effective and produces a 70 percent decrease in viral symptoms.