New suspected case of H7N9 in China

The Hong Kong Department of Health's Centre for Health Protection announced on Friday that a suspected case of H7N9 influenza A has been discovered.

The suspected case comes from a 51-year-old woman in Huizhou in the Guangdong Province of China who works with live poultry and has a history of exposure to poultry. A tissue sample from the patient tested positive for H7N9 and was sent to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention for confirmation.

There have been a total of 133 confirmed human cases of H7N9 in mainland China. Health officials are keeping a close watch on this newest case for any additional details or advice from the World Health Organization.

Health officials are asking that travelers experiencing H7N9 symptoms wear facial masks and seek medical attention. Port health measures have been implemented at all the border control points.

The Department of Health asked all members of the public to be vigilant and for travelers to avoid wet markets with live poultry. Citizens should also remember to thoroughly cook poultry and eggs before eating, wash hands frequently, cover the nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing and avoid crowded places and contact with fever patients.