MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2018

Group Cares raises $2.5 million in Squash Malaria campaign

Group Cares, a partner of Christian ministry organization Group Publishing, announced on Thursday that it helped to raise $2.5 million as part of its Squash Malaria campaign.

Group Cares worked with Group Publishing and churches to raise money to purchase 400,000 mosquito nets. The insecticide-treated nets help to stop the spread of malaria for up to four years, covering three children at a time while they sleep.

"This project has been very fulfilling because these nets will directly save the lives of nearly one million children," Tim Gilmour, the president of Group Cares, said. "The collaboration of Group's vacation Bible school, Sunday school, and Lifetree café programs is the first time we have seen this type of broad involvement."

Malaria kills close to 2,000 children every day around the world. After the Squash Malaria campaign raised money for the nets, World Vision, a Group Cares partner, distributed the nets to people in need.

"Giving is a huge part of what we do at Group, and it's exciting to see results that make a real difference in people's lives," Gilmour said. "We're very encouraged by what happens when churches partner with our teams to work together for something truly life-saving."

Group Cares is a non-profit organization that served hundreds of thousands of people worldwide since it was founded in 1977. The organization helped to repair homes for more than 37,000 homeowners, provided hundreds of thousands of blankets to vulnerable children in Africa and donated hundreds of thousands of mosquito nets.

Group Publishing is an organization that creates ministry experiences for Christian churches around the world.