MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2018

Lions Clubs International and GAVI start partnership with meeting

GAVI Alliance CEO Helen Evans met with Lions Club International Representative Dr. Tebebe Yemane-Berhan on Tuesday for an informal "getting to know each other" session before their partnership begins.

The two-day visit was the first since the two organizations announced a unique partnership to raise funds and awareness to fight measles and rubella. GAVI Alliance members had a unique chance during the trip at GAVI headquarters to see how Lions Club will work with GAVI and the Ministries of Health in developing countries to help vaccinate children against rubella and measles.

"It's our first opportunity to learn about each other's work, build awareness and discuss how to move forward on this incredibly important partnership," Evans said.

Lions Club shared its plan to use its global network of 1.35 million members to work with local leaders to raise awareness about the measles-rubella vaccination. In addition to raising awareness, these members will also coordinate community-level publicity by serving as volunteers at vaccination centers.

"Our efforts in campaigning for measles vaccination have been a big part of our social mobilization work around immunization," Lions Club Representative Benjamin Futransky said. "Lions Clubs' members worked within their communities to raise awareness. We now hope to repeat this experience in close collaboration with GAVI for measles and rubella vaccine introductions."