Isabelli Fontana joins Rotary's polio public awareness campaign

Brazzillian model Isabelli Fontana joined Rotary's "This Close" public awareness campaign for ending polio on Tuesday.

Fontana is known for her roles as a Victoria Secret angel, the new face of L'Oreal in Latin America and other advertising campaigns. She previously supported the national immunization campaign in Brazil by taking her son to receive the oral polio vaccine from the Brazilian Minister of Health, an event which started the 2011 national immunization campaign.

"Our generation has already helped get the world 99 percent polio-free and we could make polio the second disease ever eradicated after smallpox," Fontana said. "Without eradication, every nation remains at risk for infections "imported" from the endemic countries. As a mother and Brazilian, I believe I cannot be indifferent to problems, especially the ones that have a solution. The disease has no cure, but can be prevented with vaccination."

Fontana participated in other charity projects and campaigns in the past with her work for the Brazilian Foundation Abrinq and the Pro-sangue Foundation.

The "This Close" campaign was set up by Rotary to push for global eradication of polio. The campaign uses a gesture of two fingers close together to demonstrate that polio is close to being eliminated.