Ghana President Mahama supports GAVI

The GAVI Alliance announced on Tuesday that President John Dramani Mahama of Ghana has offered support in GAVI's mission to save children's lives through vaccination.

President Mahama accepted a special role as co-chair of the GAVI Alliance Mid-term review in Stockholm in an effort to show his support of GAVI's mission to vaccinate children in Ghana.

"As an innovative global health partner, GAVI is committed to promoting the health of children through immunisation and this must be commended," Mahama said. "GAVI deserves the support of all leaders desirous of building healthier communities. I pledge my unflinching support as an Immunisation Champion to enable GAVI achieve its noble objectives."

Ghana was the first Gavi-supported country to release vaccines against pneumococcal disease and rotavirus simultaneously in 2012. Ghana plans to start a demonstration project in four districts that will vaccinate girls against human papillomavirus. With the new plans to introduce these vaccines, Ghana will become one of the top five GAVI-supported countries to make use of all GAVI supported vaccines.

"Ghana is already making impressive strides with its own vaccination programmes so we are excited and honoured that President Mahama will be working with GAVI to share the successes and the lessons learned as we head towards our replenishment," Helen Evans, GAVI Alliance deputy CEO, said.