West Nile virus reported in 29 states

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said cases of mosquito-borne West Nile virus were reported in 29 states this summer and precautions should be taken, a mosquito-repellent manufacturer said on Monday.

United Industries Corporation, a manufacturer of value-brand consumer products for insect control, said the peak mosquito season of August and September is yet to come in a summer that already saw three deaths from West Nile virus. Last year, there were 5,674 cases of West Nile virus reported in the U.S., including 286 deaths.

West Nile virus is transmitted through the bite of infected mosquitoes and leads to symptoms for one in five people. Symptoms include headache, fever, vomiting and body aches. More serious symptoms include serious neurological illnesses like meningitis or encephalitis.

There is no human vaccine for West Nile virus and preventing mosquito bites is the most effective way to avoid contracting the virus.

United Industries said the CDC recommends insect repellent with DEET for effective, long-lasting protection from insects. Other repellents include the active ingredients of oil of lemon eucalyptus or geraniol.

Other ways to reduce mosquitoes around the home is by removing the places they might breed by eliminating standing water, such as on the top of swimming pools.